Welcome to Yuloland, the personal website of Ton-ton Yulo!

This page is majorly under construction, so bear with me. I'll be mainly posting the pictures I took with my digicam here. I'm playing around with Macromedia Dreamweaver to make this website, so hopefully something cool will come out soon... :)

Why Yuloland? Doesn't that sound like a real estate firm?

I got the name "Yuloland" back in high school and college because my friends always loved hanging out in my house because of all of the distractions it provided. Back then we had laserdiscs, video games and computer games, so people would pop up suddenly, even if I or my brothers were still asleep, to have fun in Yuloland!

I hope to keep that spirit of fun alive with this website. While I'm still building it, and thinking what kind of basura we can put up, you can enjoy the pictures I've taken so far...